Questions? Call us! 802-865-2872

Questions? Call us! 802-865-2872

Stewart Construction - Lead Generation Campaign

Open box with stewart construction brochure inside

Generate leads and make appointments with existing and prospective clients for new business.

Deploy a Scorpion Marketing Campaign to grab prospects' attention, convey value proposition, and clear a path for accepting Stewart's phone calls and requests for appointments.


  • Scorpion campaign strategy and plan utilizing dimensional direct mail
  • Company brochure - graphic design, copywriting, printing
  • Branded promotional product - debossed pocket journal
  • Personalized cover letter - graphic design, copywriting, printing
  • Packaging - branded to campaign
  • Fulfillment - print, assemble, and ship packages from client supplied contact list

"I have done plenty of cold calling in my life, but this is so much easier because if you can get through people remember the gift. Great idea, hats off to you."

Don Stewart, President