Questions? Call us! 802-865-2872

Questions? Call us! 802-865-2872


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At Paw Print & Mail, we believe each newsletter has a story to tell—literally. Let our team give your publication a life of its own with eye-catching design and professional layout. We can spruce up your existing newsletter design with vivid, full-color imagery or create a newsletter template from scratch.

Newsletters that businesses in the area have trusted us to create include:

  • Business newsletters
  • Church newsletters
  • Custom newsletters
  • Corporate newsletters
  • School newsletters
  • Non-profit newsletters


5 Star Rating!
"I *always* suggest PPM to my fundraising and development peers! PawPrint really came through for us for our spring 2020 fundraising appeal during the zombie apocalypse. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
                                                           Laurie K.
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  • Our Strategic Partners:
    Our Strategic Partners:

    Our Strategic Partners:

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